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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my child participate?

Research shows that reading books to preschoolers prepares them so they are more ready for school than those who aren't exposed to books as much.  Picture books include more words than in our everyday language and allow children to learn about animals and places far away.  They learn how to handle books and love to spend time with loved ones reading.  We support this by offering an Early Readers summer reading program as well as those for older children.

Who can participate?
Parents can register babies and preschoolers  for the Early Reader Program.  Children too young to read by themselves are welcome to participate by having older readers read to them. 

Children ages 5-11 can register for the Children’s program and children and teens ages12-18 can register for the Teen program.

How many minutes needs to be read to complete the program?

A certificate is available to print once you read 1600 minutes and a free book can be selected from a cart of donated books in the Children's Department once that level has been reached.

Can audiobooks be counted?

Yes, and this is recommended for all readers (especially those who struggle with reading) since the reader is using more than one sense at the same time.  They can see how unfamiliar words are spelled and hear how they are pronounced. 

Can time spent reading a book be counted even if it isn't finished?
For sure! Ten minutes is ten minutes.

Can my child join the program after its official start date?
Yes! And if you can remember any reading that was done after the official start date, you’re welcome to go back and count that.  The earlier you register and start reading, the more likely you are to reach the 1600 point goal.

Can reading that was done before the official start date be counted?
We do ask that you count only reading done within the official dates of the program.

Book Reviews
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The Night Before Christmas
by Brimax

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Santa smokes sigors

Good Morning, Chick
by Mirra Ginsburg

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Great primary reader. Bold, simple pictures, easy to depict. Simplistic subject matter and plot development for preschool and younger.

Red Truck
by Kersten Hamilton

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My son liked this book because it was about a tow truck and because the tow truck became the new helper. Books about being helpful are great!

Miss Spider's Cry Buggie
by David Kirk

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My daughter really enjoys these books visually. They each have a separate moral lesson. However, they are here and there for me as a parent. I think that they lack continuity and educational value and can be confusing to children as to whether or not the mom or dad of the bug is a spider or firefly, etc...its kind of scattered.

Brave Girl Clara And The Shirtwaist Makers Strike Of 1909
by Michelle Markel

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This book was a long children's book, however, it was a very uniquely arranged way of telling Clara's story. I enjoyed it and so did my 4 year old (who asked a lot of fun questions and learned a lot through reading with me). This is a great book for exploring history with children and workers rights. Great book to pick up before Labor Day!

Kitty's Cuddles
by Jane Cabrera

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The texture of the illustrations brought the tale to life. It was as if you could truly cuddle with the pages.

Lou Gehrig The Luckiest Man
by David A. Adler

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Wow. I read this with my 4 and 5 year olds and they were equally as moved by the way Adler had captured Lou's story as I was. It helps to give children a positive role model in someone who has accomplished something wonderful and then been given a hard circumstance to overcome. Positive attitudes are always rewarding. Humility in success and in loss is the best way to live life. Great way to communicate this moral to children.

Sailor Moon Manga
by Naoko Takeuchi

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Sailor moon is a funny book that has interesting characters. It is easy to read and i enjoyed reading it.

1000 Facts About The White House
View in Library Catalog

Love it!

Once I Ate A Pie
by Patricia Maclachlan

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Creative pictures, great use of graphic word art, texture in the illustrations...
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