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June 1, 2019 - July 31, 2019

Prizes must be redeemed by July 31.

If you register online at home, come to the Library to pick up a calendar of events and add a spaceship to the space wall.

Parents, give your child the gift of stories and rich vocabulary found in picture books.  Expand their world now and school will be so much easier. 

It's free and easy to do.  Read 10 minutes a day in the morning and 10 more in the evening and attend our preschool and family programs.

How it Works for Kids:

  • Register for an account by clicking on the Register button in the top right corner. 
  • Register adult first for family account so that it's easier to keep track of everyone in the family.
  • Passwords - You can use the same password and email for each member of the family but you must have a unique name for each person.  If you forget your password, you can reset it or use SR2019 and we'll remind you of it.
  • Keep track of minutes read on the paper calendar each day and enter the minutes into your account once a week or once a month.
  • One minute reading = 1 point.
  • Get more points by attending programs, playing online games, submitting reviews, and more.
  • Print a certificate and receive a free book when 1000 points is reached;  other prizes awarded at 100, 400, and 800 points.

Put reading first

Set a goal of reading 20 minutes every day. For very young children and struggling readers, try 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening.

Make reading fun all summer long!

Frequently  Asked Questions

Why should we participate?

Research shows that reading books to preschoolers prepares them so they are more ready for school than those who aren't exposed to books as much.  Picture books include more words than in our everyday language and allow children to learn about people, places, and animals not in their everyday lives. 

They learn how to handle books and love to spend time with loved ones reading.  We support this by offering a Preschool  summer reading program as well as those for older children.

Who can participate?

Parents can register babies and preschoolers for the Preschool Program.  Children too young to read by themselves are welcome to participate by having older readers read to them. 

Children ages 5-11 can register for the Children’s program and children and teens ages 12-18 can register for the Teen program.

What is the goal of the summer reading program?

We want children to make reading a daily habit because they have developed a love for reading and stories.

Can audio books be counted?

Yes, and this is recommended for all readers (especially for families to share a story and for those who struggle with reading).  They can hear how unfamiliar words are pronounced and they still hear a story. 

Can time be recorded even if a book isn't finished?
Yes - ten minutes of reading is reading.

Can my child join the program after its official start date?
Yes. And if you can remember any reading that was done after school was out, you’re welcome to go back and count that.  The earlier you register and start reading, the more likely you are to reach the 1000 point goal.

Can reading that was done before the official start date be counted?
Yes, summer reading started for school children the day they got out of school. 

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