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Fablehaven Book 5
by Brandon Mull

the final climax of action is great

Letters To The Lost
by Brigid Kemmerer

It was a pretty good book, I liked the different perspectives.

Fablehaven Book 3
by Brandon Mull

great book the shadow plague turns creatures dark and only kendra and seth can stop it

Warrior Cats SquirrelFlights Hope
by Erin Hunter

All The clans are arguing of territory because they dont have enough to eat.Then they want a peace of land owned by the sisters she cats that can see their dead. Then the clans want to attack them and squirrelflight almost dies trying to save moonlights kits, the leader of the group.

Fablehaven Book 2
by Brandon Mull

great second book betrayals, twists and turns throughout the whole book.

Warrior Cats Veil Of Shadows
by Erin Hunter

The clans are choosing sides of which side they should fight on because starclan has been silent and theyre afraid of what will happen.Then there is a battle and the imposter of bramblestars body has been defeated.

warrior cats silent thaw
by Erin Hunter

Rootpaw is seeing bramblestars ghost and is wondering if he is seeing things that are not real. Then bramblestars ghost starts talking with him and learns that the one alive is not the real bramblestar

Warriors Cats veil of shadows
by Erin Hunter

Bramblestar is possessed by another cat and all the clans are choosing their sides with their clans or the warrior code

Fablehaven Book 1
by Brandon Mull

fablehaven the book of action and adventure.

The Demigod Files
by Rick Riordan

gives insight and has three great short stories.
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